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DMG Services
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Providing the best quality product to our Canadian market

About Us

Beginning in 2019, DMG Services is a comprehensive and autonomous manufacturers representative agency that provides thorough assistance to inquiring customers. The main purpose of this service is to provide premium products to the Canadian market, while attaining top customer service. DMG Services represents top manufacturing distributors that have excellent experience in commercial construction, hardware and architectural door frame security.

Standing Meeting

Who We Represent

Our Services

Product Training

We demonstrate new products to wholesale distributors, contract hardware and to our end users. Providing proper knowledge on how to efficiently use selected products.

Job Site Visitations

Job site visitations are made upon request for verification of distributed products. This helps clarify any deficiencies that the customer may be experiencing.

Architectural Hardware Consulting Support

Architectural hardware consulting is provided directly from the manufacturing factory to inquiring architects and specification writers.

Contact Us

For any and all questions, inquiries, or concerns please send us a message and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

Dan Godon - Lead DMG Services Consultant

Mississauga, ON

(416) 414 2345

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